Our daughter had a great time at the camp. She felt validated in her ability to write and she is excited to pursue her writing. She loved meeting other kids and being on the BYU campus for the week. She felt like a BYU student all week and thinks BYU would be a fun place to go to school. Thanks!

—Parent of Authors Club participant

I loved being able to publish my own work!

Authors Club Writing Camp participant

My son came home with a desire to write and improve his previous writings. He loved interacting with other kids "like him" and learned a lot of great tips from the guest author.

—Parent of Reel In Creativity participant

This has been a great opportunity! I'm glad BYU has writing camps! It's good to get positive writing experiences with others of the same morals, values and faith.

—Parent of Adventure Write Away participant

This is the 3rd year my daughter has attended a BYU Writing Camp. She loves it! Thank you for providing such a great experience for her each year.

—Parent of Twusted Takes and Evil Villains participant

Thank you for providing such a fun and enriching experience!

—Parent of The Nature of Writing participant

My goal is for all my kids to see themselves as writers, and I'm so glad that this message was communicated to my son during this camp, despite the fact he may not fit the writer sterotype.

—Parent of Shh...It's a Mystery participant

I loved all the field trips that we got to go on–the Bean Museum, the duck pond, and the canal walk were my favorites!

Nature of Writing, Writing Camp participant

My child loved this class! She loves writing, and this has encouraged her even more. It has also been beneficial for her to associate with other children who love to write. Thank you!

—Parent of Authors Club participant

I was impressed to see my son looking forward to attending camp each day. You made it fun and he had a chance to practice writing. Thank you!

—Parent of Writers Society participant

The instructors were kind, but still honest in giving criticism. The instructors were excellent at their jobs.

—Parent of Young Authors Academy participant